Developing Cost Effective School Business Solutions


Suzanne J. Nelson, Ed. D Superintendent, Tuloso-Midway ISD

"Not only is REM well-versed in the area of facility assessments, but they are most knowledgeable in the areas of construction, finance, bonds and superintendent and school board relationships."

Dr. Cynthia M. Garcia, Superintendent, Driscoll ISD

"REM had a plan of implementation for the total process; facility assessment, passing a bond and project construction."

Ty Sparks, Superintendent, George West ISD

"The expertise at REM is multi-faceted, and they know construction. Even more importantly, they know the ins and outs of public school regulations and requirements for the school facilities."

Dr. Abelardo Saavedra, PHD, former Superintendent of Houston ISD

"REM does a phenomenal job of assessing the situation, and their plan of execution leaves nothing to worry about. Their knowledge in school development is world-class."