Our Team

Ricardo Rodriguez; President, CEO and Project Director

Ricardo has over 30 years of school business construction experience as Chief Business Officer for school districts such as Houston ISD, Corpus Christi ISD and Brownsville ISD. Ricardo's responsibility included school district construction and management. He is considered to be one of the most experienced Texas school district administrators in the State. His expertise is in the areas of facility planning, assessments and construction management. 

Elma Rodriguez; Vice-President, Construction Support I

 Elma has experience performing various duties in the construction management field. She will assist the construction management team with a wide array of administrative duties. Elma is responsible for project document binders, construction contracts, insurance requirements, testing reports, project schedule of values, contingency/betterment allowance documentation, bidding documentation and contractor insurance compliance with its validation. 

Michelle Sumabon; Business Manager

Michelle has over 15 years experience in business and holds a degree in business administration with emphasis in accounting.  Michelle is in charge of book keeping, financial reports and payroll. 

Frank Haas; CPE and Primary Cost Estimator

Frank has over 23 years of experience in estimating projects for Dallas and Fort Worth school district projects. Frank is proficient in MC2, Timberline estimating and On Center software. As part of his credentials, Frank earned his certification as a professional estimator in 2005 from the American Society of Professional Estimators. He is currently serving on the ASPE National Education Committee. The Education Committee is responsible for overseeing online estimating courses on the national website. He also assists the National Estimating Academy, offering a variety of courses to assist estimators in continuing education. 

Melissa H. Longoria; Construction Budget Analyst

Melissa's experience as a Construction Management Budget Analyst is a perfect fit for our team. She will be in charge of project budget control assurance, risk assessments, developing project management controls, compliance with local, State and Federal regulations, validating the schedule of values with the contractor pay application requests, processing project invoices, purchase order origination, budget appropriations, reconciliation with client accounting system, addressing project control failures, identifying mitigating controls and assisting the client in the year end audit reports. 

Richard Tagle; Construction Services Manager

Richard Tagle has broad construction management experience which has enabled him to successfully manage projects ranging from the low millions to hundreds of millions of dollars. His ability to successfully complete projects on budget and on schedule, while maintaining the safety and integrity of the project is impeccable. To accomplish such a record he defines project goals, schedules, substantial completion plans, essential resources, risk assessment, budget, safety enforcement thresholds, project controls, and the requirements to close-out the task.

Maria Covarrubias; Construction Support I and College Intern

Maria is part of REM's College Internship Program and has been with our company for over 2 years. She has experience performing various duties in the construction management field. She will assist the Construction Management team with a wide array of administrative duties. Maria is responsible in ensuring that milestone and cost folders are updated, maintaining and auditing project document folders, preparing project bid packages, architect and construction contract reviews, insurance compliance and validation, and a plethora of other responsibilities. 

Bailey Ayers; Consulting Support, College Intern

Bailey is another part of REM's College Internship Program from Corpus Christi A&M, has been with REM for 2 years and is the youngest on the team. His age is not representative of the excellent work he has done on various projects. 

Eric Garcia; Consulting Support, Web development, College Intern

Eric is the latest addition of REM's College Intern Program from Texas Tech University. In his short time here, Eric has worked on several projects - including the development of this site - proving that he is a viable and responsible addition to the team. 

Brendon Ayers; Consulting Support, College Intern

Brendon is another part of REM's College Internship Program from Corpus Christi A&M, and has been working with REM for 2 years. He has been an integral part in many projects. His dedication to the team has been second to none.