District Facility Assemenent

  • Conduct Site and Building, Security and Compliance Assessments
  • Conduct Facility Education, Safety, Demographic and Funding Assessments
  • Assist in Establishing Building Improvements
  • Determine Improvement Priorities based on Funding Sources as indicated in Facility Assessment
  • Assist in Cost Estimation, Budgeting and Planning
  • Assist in Selection of Architectural Firms

School Bond Planning

  • Assist the District in Preparation of  Successful Bond Election
  • Assist District in Community Survey
  • Develop Bond Program Milestones

Defective School Construction Forensics

  • Assist Districts in Examining and Assessing Construction Defects
  • Provide Expert Construction "Means and Methods" Defects
  • Work with District's Construction Attorney and Administration for Any Legal Recourse Required 

School Construction Management

  • Develop Bid Proposal for Construction Projects
  • Assess and Evaluate Architect, Engineers and General Contractor Bids
  • Negotiate Contract Terms, Conditions, Reimbursable and Fees
  • Assist Districts in Formulation AIA Contract Documents
  • Develop Construction Project Budgets 
  • Adhere to Project Budgets
  • Represent District at Construction Sites
  • Attend Critical Construction Meetings
  • Communicate Key Stages of Construction

Consultant Services

  • Construction Management Services
  • Construction Plans/Specification Analysis
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Life Cycle Cost Estimating
  • Code Analysis and ADA Compliance
  • Coordinate and Procure Civil, Engineers, Cost Estimators, MEP, Geothermal, etc.

School Business Management Best Practice Solutions

  • Assist in Business Operations
  • Development of the Construction Strategies
  • Pre-Construction/Schematic Design Plan Analysis/Cost Estimating
  • Construction Coordination/Scheduling and Value Engineering
  • Management of Construction, Architect and Vendors Change Orders and Contracts
  • On-Site Inspection of Construction Activity; Approval or Rejection of Materials